Friday, June 4, 2010

Showered with Love

As the end of your pregnancy draws near one of the exciting things to look forward to is the baby shower. It's a time for close friends and family to come together to celebrate you and your new baby (not to mention, shower you with useful gifts). Baby showers are always best when well organized and the host stays within the comfort levels of the mom-to-be.
There are so many wonderful colors, themes and designs for this summer! A shower theme, if one is desired, is chosen by the host after consulting with the honored guest- you. Themes may make it easier for the guests to bring gifts and also make it easier for planning when there is a group effort (a group of hosts- not just one). Location is also key in picking a theme (indoor or outdoor, formal or informal location etc.).
First, decide which foods will complement the location of the event. If you are planning to have the shower in a park on a hot summer day, raw vegetable trays, sweet rolls or slices of sourdough bread will stand the heat. Anything that may spoil should be packed well in ice. Also, be sure to bring plenty of water for the guests. Almost anything works for an indoor shower, providing you have the refrigeration. Host should always consider you when planning the food- is spicy food giving you heartburn lately or is there something you are craving!
Games are a great icebreaker but they must be done tastefully and within your comfort level. With out spoiling the elements of surprise you may want to ask your host and make sure the games are something that won't embarrass you or her.

Enjoy your shower to the fullest! It's all about you and your baby. Let your friends pamper you and make you feel special.


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