Thursday, July 14, 2011

Preventing Stretch Marks

 Most of us have heard or even shared stories about women who have developed stretch marks during pregnancy.  We are of course, all willing to take one for the team if we have to, but is there anything we can do to prevent stretch marks from appearing? The jury is still out- but recent research says "yes".  Genetics and good skin care both play a part in the texture, color and elasticity of your skin.  Since we can't change our genetics, it's important we do what we can to take care of the skin we've been given.  Using a daily belly butter or cream may reduce or even prevent marks from appearing.  A few things to look for when choosing a stretch mark cream: be sure the cream is safe for pregnancy.  A fragrance free cream is also important since most women have a sensitivity to smell while pregnant.  Non-greasy, fast drying products are a plus if you use the product in the morning before dressing and look for all natural, hypoallergenic ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin.   

Promise Belly Butter is formulated with a blend of the following ingredients:
Calendula- making the skin more supple by increasing blood supply and contains anti-bacterial properties. 
Aloe Vera Juice- containing 20 amino acids and supports the natural healing of skin.
Shea Butter- naturally rich in vitamins A and E which are essential for good skin balance and moisture. Shea butter also penetrates deep into skin to help restore elasticity.
Vitamin E- contains antioxidant activity which is vital in protecting and rejuvenating skin cells.

Promise Belly Butter's advanced formula combines a unique blend of ingredients to strengthen skin elasticity, stimulate collagen production and support natural skin proteins.  Our promise to the mom-to-be is skin that is soothed, supple and can withstand stretching during pregnancy and postpardum.  It can be used on stomach, legs and breast area.