Thursday, June 17, 2010

DHA Omega-3 Before, During and After Pregnancy

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New research proves that prenatal DHA supplementation really does improve a child’s motor, visual, and cognitive development. The study of 109 infants was conducted in Quebec and the results were recently published in the Journal of Pediatrics.
DHA levels of the umbilical cord were tested to determine the amount of DHA the child received in utero. “DHA concentration in the umbilical cord is a good indicator of intra-uterine exposure to omega-3s during the last trimester of pregnancy, a crucial period for the development of retinal photoreceptors and neurons,” explained lead researcher Eric Dewailly.
The infants were subjected to visual and motor tests at age 6 months and 11 months. The level of DHA present in the umbilical cord at birth was very closely related to the child’s development speed and progress.
There are also studies that show omega-3 supplementation can influence breast milk composition and subsequently a child’s brain. Mothers who take DHA also have lower instances of postpartum depression and often recover from pregnancy more quickly.
DHA is just one of many important nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. It is highly recommended that women take a pregnancy vitamin before, during, and even after pregnancy. Many women do not get all of the essential nutrients needed through diet alone. Supplementing a balanced diet with a prenatal vitamin is always a good idea. Many women begin to take DHA and a prenatal vitamin before pregnancy to increase their chance of conception.
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