Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Morning Sickness and Prenatal Vitamins

The most critical time for your baby's nutrition is before conception and during the first trimester.  Unfortunately, the first trimester is when many women suffer from some degree of morning sickness and are unable to take their prenatal vitamins.   
Promise Prenatal- Stage One is the only prenatal vitamin formulated to deliver the exact recommended nutrients for the first trimester of pregnancy, while helping to ease nausea caused by morning sickness.  The small capsule is easy to swallow and contains micro-encapsulated iron (easier to digest), increased levels of vitamin B6 and no artificial fillers or dyes (ingredients).  With Promise Prenatal you can be confident you are getting exactly what you and your baby need, when you need it.   Stage One- Preconception and 1st Trimester/Morning Sickness, Stage Two-Pregnancy (wk.14-40) and Stage Three-Lactation and Post-Pregnancy recovery. 

"Promise Prenatal Vitamins are the first prenatals that I have been able to take throughout my first trimester. I am prone to horrible morning sickness and with my previous two pregnancies, I was unable to tolerate any vitamins until well into the second trimester. A friend told me about Biotegrity’s Promise Prenatal when we began trying for our third child. Not only have I been able to tolerate the vitamins (including the iron, which is also normally a problem for me), but I have found that they actually help decrease my morning sickness. I am very grateful to have a very affordable product that supports my body as well as my growing baby."  Chrysanthy C., Mother of three, St. Charles, Mo.

 Find out more about the benefits of Promise Prenatal at www.promiseprenatal.com.

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