Pre-Conception and 1st Trimester
Even before you conceive, proper nutrition is essential. Receiving
sufficient folic acid early in your pregnancy is critical for preventing
birth defects such as Spina Bifida. That’s why it’s so important to
take a reliable prenatal vitamin if you are contemplating pregnancy.

Promise Stages - Stage One is the only prenatal vitamin
specifically formulated to meet your nutritional needs
before conception and during your first trimester. It provides you
with the vitamins and minerals recommended by the nation’s
leading medical associations during this stage of pregnancy. When
compared to many other prenatal vitamins, Stage One contains
less iron and more B6. This can help to minimize nausea
and morning sickness

Promise Prenatal - Stage One
Unique Advantages:

logo All natural ingredients
logo Based on the latest recommendations for the
    period before pregnancy & the 1st trimester
logo Contains 100% of the recommended folic acid
     which can prevent neural tube birth defects
logo Only one small capsule & one small soft gel daily
     provide 20 vitamins and minerals plus DHA
logo Contains less iron & more B6 to help minimize
    morning sickness
logo DHA Omega-3 to support brain & eye